Jacqueline Younger

  After overcoming homelessness, prostitution, drug addiction, domestic violence, rape as well as physical, mental and emotional abuse, Jacqueline Younger knows firsthand what it’s like to be in bondage. She understands what it’s like to be someone you don't want to be and not know how not to be. Even after discovering how not to be, because of the years of abuse and not knowing God, she did not believe she had in her to do what it would take to come out the life that she hated. She remembers how it felt to wish for more and do whatever it took to get it, even if it meant going back to prostitution every now and then.

    While prostituting on 14th Street in Washington, D.C., she remembers looking at professional women on their way to their offices and yearning to be one of them, to wear their attire and hold a sophisticated job with a briefcase.                       Today, Jacqueline is a business steward who refuses to forget her past.

She made up her mind to turn her past trash into treasures…..GOD’S TREASURES. She now yearns for an intimate relationship with God and to allow His will to manifest in her life.

     What others consider obstacles, Jacqueline views as opportunities for spiritual, professional, and personal growth. She possesses a deep calling that leads her to engage and equip others on their own journeys. She believes that her alumni's, the women that God has her minister to is only residing in a temporary state of despair and her passion lies in uplifting them spiritually and naturally.

     Jacqueline has spent years and countless hours volunteering, working, speaking, and pouring wisdom into the lives of downtrodden individuals and the organizations that serve them.

     She was recognized as one of DMV 100 Metro Phenomenal Women 2015 "for her creative vision and exploration of ways to make a difference within the DC metro area."

     She understands that it is not option but an understood responsibility  to strengthen others. Her dedication and can do   spirit is a definite asset to any organization, team or cause.

     Jacqueline has been blessed with three grown servants and seven grand servants. (Her children and grandchildren)

    She knows, without God she can do nothing. Stay Tuned ................