Tanya Denise Madison Morrison

Tanya Morrison

 Attorney– Author – Speaker – Personal & Executive Life Coach

Tanya Morrison had encouraged and trained hundreds of women – business owners, stay at home moms, retirees, corporate executives and others – who seek to live more fulfilled lives.  She helped women identify areas they need to change, and then would equip them with tools to manifest powerful results – personally and professionally.  

My Sister, My Partner, My Friend, Tanya Denise Madison Morrison, Esq. born April 1, 1963 went home to be with God on January 27, 2017. I met Tanya in 2011 and immediately desired to become partners with her in something. Not sure what it was but just knew that we were to come together and allow God to use us together in some way.

In January 2014 Tanya asked me to pray about becoming her partner. I told her that I did not have to pray about that because God had already revealed to me that we were going to be partners.

The boutique was already in existence but we knew that this was an area in which God wanted us to partner. GOD IS TOUR’S TREASURE became GOD’S TREASURES. 360 Degree Development Institute became the fiscal agent for GOD’S TREASURES.

I remember in 2016 her and I sitting at my table in my office, in her office, in her basement, in her living room, texting and calling as we would discuss our dreams, goals and hopes for GOD’S TREASURES.

Tanya was an attorney, Founder and Visionary Leader of 360 Degree Woman, Inc., a personal and professional development company created to encourage, inspire and equip women to live more honest and balanced lives. She later founded and became President/Project Director of the 360 Degree Development Institute, Inc.


Tanya and I had such different past lives in which her past consisted of a happy wholesome childhood and my childhood of pain and dysfunction. Her education consisted of college degrees and I am a high school dropout. Earlier years of accomplishing goals in Tanya professional life and during those years of her life I was on drugs, prostitution and homeless. Yet Tanya would always say that we are so much alike. She would tell me that it is such an honor and a pleasure to be my partner and how much I inspired her.

I had researched Tanya’s life and accomplishments and would hear about how she changed women lives. I knew our hearts were alike. We both were successful in our own rights. God had begun a relationship/ partnership that would change many lives.

Neither Tanya nor I knew that what was happening between us would be short lived yet would live on forever. In May of 2016, Tanya was getting fitted for yet another beautiful garment to be made for her wardrobe, this took place days after our last meeting. During the fitting she was experiencing pain in her arm to the point that it was difficult for her to raise her arm. Mind you Tanya were a healthy vibrant, 53-year-old non- smoker, who walked her two 100 pound dogs 3 miles daily, exercised regularly, drank green juice and ate healthy food. Because of the pain in her arm she went to the ER and the diagnose was cancer with two months to live.

On January 27, 2017 My Sister, My Partner, My Friend went home to be with God. Our relationship here on earth was short lived, yet  GODS TREASURE will live on.


Thanks Tanya for all that you imparted into me. You would say how much you appreciated me all the time, I just hope and pray that you knew just how much you meant to me. Our hopes, dreams and goals for GOD’S TREASURES will manifest In Jesus Name. 


The photographs below is something that I experience almost daily since my friend has transitioned, I know she is watching me. I LOVE YOU TANYA