“Polishes Gems”

Fashion often tells a story, but in the case of God’s Treasures Boutique, the fashions make sure that a woman’s happy ending continues. Female overcomers of homelessness, domestic violence, prostitution, prison and substance addictions often stop by this unique boutique in Fort Washington, Maryland. Here, price tags are a thing of the past. 


The clients simply commit to maintaining the positive transformations they’ve made in their lives. In line with these noble efforts, donors give new garments, shoes, handbags, perfumes, hats and jewelry so that our sisters are able to not just continue giving their all but looking their best. There’s a constant spirit of love surrounding God’s Treasures where refined women reap benefits after accepting God’s story for their lives to be their story.


God’s Treasures officially took shape in September 2015 thanks to an entrepreneur who went through her own reinvention. Jacqueline Younger endured many hardships in her past as her clients: prostitution, drugs, homelessness, rape, domestic violence, mental and emotional abuse. She thanks God for her savvy enterprise skills. God’s Treasures is a rapidly growing ministry.

Hurry! Bring out the best clothes to put on him (her). And put a ring on his (her) finger and shoes on his (her) feet. For this son (daughter) of mine was dead and is alive again! He (she) was lost and has been found!"


Luke 15: 22 & 24

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